Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Bit of a Drowner

During the awards ceremony at Knoxville Racquet Club's swim banquet last night:

“Now, for the most improved category.  This award goes to an 8 and under boy who started his first summer at KRC not being a strong swimmer. At the beginning of the summer we had to watch him while he swam, because the coaches weren’t always sure he would make it across the pool–he was actually a little bit of a drowner.   But he stuck with it and by the end of the season had a good backstroke. He learned to dive, and he even won points for us at City Meet this year, which was great.  He made a lot of progress.  So this year’s KRC Most Improved award in the Boys 8 and Under Boys category goes to . . . Timmy Z.!”

Congratulations to Boy Wonder, who got up early every day this summer for a sometimes cold 8:30 swim practice, then returned at 3:30 three days a week for a second practice!  He hauled his skinny little frame up and down those long swim lanes, listened to his coaches, and improved his strokes immensely.  What's funnier and makes us even more proud is that after being presented with the award, Boy Wonder marched up to the podium in front of hundreds of people and gave the coaches what for, "I am NOT a drowner," he told them, with dignity and some heat. 

Rock on, Boy Wonder.  We're so proud of you!

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bjf said...

Oh congratulations Boy Wonder! I'm SO PROUD of you! All that practice paid off and early morning cold swims make you tough I guess. I'm so glad to hear this news and hope swimming will be a part of your life forever. With much love and admiration, BJF