Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Farm

We spent a long weekend with friends at the family farm in Western North Carolina, where we enjoyed the suddenly cool fall weather and time outdoors.

There were evening campfires, waterfalls, singing, ping-pong tournaments, jack-o-lantern carvings, fishing, hiking, and a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with an unusually friendly bottle-fed baby donkey.  

Miss M was seriously pleased that a gaggle of girls joined us.

Boy Wonder mostly was happy with the opportunity to run around with his shirt off.

I loved the pine-scented air and the early mornings drinking coffee in the kitchen, trading stories.  And watching the kids play--kids have a lot of fun when you set them loose.


Adults, too. 

Rivers and mountains, coffee and ping-pong, baby donkeys and dogs--all good for what ails you.

A fun time.

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barbaraflynn said...

Thanks for sending these beautiful pictures of your weekend at the farm. What a beautiful time of year to go to North Carolina. I think I counted ten children! You all must have had a great weekend together. The farm looks so beautiful this time of year and all the activities must have been great fun. Love BJF