Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Currently Reading: The Marriage Plot

A friend recently raved about the writing in The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides.

I have to agree.  And as someone just ever so slightly obsessed with tennis, I love this sentence in particular:

Alton had been club champion in his age group for twelve years running, one of those older guys with a sweatband ringing a balding crown, a choppy forehand, and absolute murder in his eyes.

Yep, seen the type.


jon said...

I'm reading it, too, but I have gotten somewhat stuck. Maybe it's because I don't play tennis.

500Jerk said...

Hey Jon! Hope you all are doing well--would love to hear any book suggestions you've got.

gnov said...

loved loved loved this book! there are so many well written zingers that peg so many feelings, situations etc. he is a genius.