Monday, June 11, 2012

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea Supper Club

The 500Jerk household hosted summer supper club this past weekend, with a festive southern menu drawn from Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, Martha Hall Foose's delightfully well-written and photographed cookbook.   Have you read this cookbook yet?  If not, take a gander; it's amusing, informative, and inspiring.   

Our menu was this:

Yazoo Cheese Straws
Inland Prawn Toasts with Jezebel Sauce
Bloodies with Pickled Snap Beans

Mahogany Glazed Game Birds
Apricot Rice Salad
Three-Day Slaw
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Sweet Tea

Lemon Icebox Pie
Darkness on the Delta

We sent advance invitations proper-like. . . .

Mustered our inner hausfrau to put together a table under an arbor slung with twinkly lights. . . .

Then sat down together to feast.

The children even took a break from nonstop hide-and-seek to enjoy an early summer dinner outside.

It was warm but not too warm, and the crowd worked its ways through many bottles of wine and stayed until late in the evening (always a sign of a good time!). 

A pretty night.*

*After spying some flower arrangements at Knoxville's Farmers Market, I am newly enamored of wildflowers in repurposed soup cans.  Something about the airy, delicate flowers and shiny industrial cans is so appealing.  I foresee future summer dinner tables Chez 500Jerk adorned with this simple decoration.  Best of all, kids can easily create something beautiful on their own.

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