Monday, October 15, 2012

Found Time at Dawn

The 500Jerk kids switched schools this year and now commute about 30 minutes
every morning to west Knoxville, where their new schools start even earlier than their former school. This means the 500Jerk household is rising in the pre-dawn hours to get dressed and have breakfast. The first week transitioning from summer to the new schedule was--shall we say--arduous.

Although the early hour still isn't easy, a  benefit is that I now wait in the wee hours with Boy Wonder at the top of our driveway for his carpool ride.  We admire the clouds together and decipher dots of light in the skyscape.  I harass him with multiplication facts, and he cheerfully attempts to redirect the conversation to Minecraft, a ridiculously addictive video game.  We watch our giant dog, Posy, pounce repeatedly on all fours into the tall grass where she thinks a small animal may be hiding, invariably to find there is nothing there.  When Boy Wonder's ride finally whisks him away, I amble back to the house, sipping a cup of coffee, marveling that I wouldn't even have been awake at the same time last year.

I like this found time.

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