Thursday, July 17, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

After seven or eight years of living with what was basically a thin grayish-brown carpet on my office walls, I finally got the gumption to ask my firm for a painting allowance. Probably in reaction to the hideous drabness of the aforesaid wallcovering, I chose yellow as a replacement. Although it IS much cheerier, it's pretty much blinding in direct sunlight. And the combination of the yellow walls with the dated hunter green carpet is . . . unfortunate.

In connection with my office improvement efforts, I also bought three houseplants, which apparently came with a number of fruit fly larvae (I assume fruit flies come from larvae; it seems fitting that they would). The combination of blinding walls, the fruit flies swarming my head, and the floaters in my eyes have brought me to a new level of distraction.

I'm considering moving out of my office altogether.

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