Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's the Amazing E.!

We had the good fortune to spend time this past weekend with E. and his wonderful family. E. is pictured here in fearless mid-flight off the side of our boat. He is ALL BOY, and at ten, foreshadows things to come with my five year-old son. Although there's a significant age difference, they're both gregarious, resilient, digging, exploring, wrestling kinds of boys. The type of boy that's very physical and ALMOST ALWAYS UP TO SOMETHING.

Coming from a more sedate, readerly female perspective, I frankly can't even understand how I'm related to a person like that.

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Granju said...

You are right about him being all boy. Yesterday we were out in the yard practicing football and as he's trying to tackle me, I have to keep reminding him that he is almost as strong as I am- so he has to take it easy on me:)

But even further more than being all boy he is going to turn out to be quite the ladies man- (hopefully not like the one on SNL)He loves "date night" and holding the door open for you. He loves to dance, and not just by himself. And he loves to cook! It was funny just yesterday both J and H, were asking him where certain cooking utensils were in the kitchen. H replied "Wow,E, How do you know where everything is?"
His reply "I'm the Master Chef of theece kitchen."
True, so true.

BTW- great pic!