Friday, September 19, 2008


We started our Lake Hills Brownies this week and have nine girls--the perfect size for a Brownies troop. The Lake Hills Presbyterian Church down our street has been incredibly trusting and generous about allowing us to use their facility as a meeting space; in addition to classrooms, it has a big field and picnic pavilion that will be great for Girl Scouts events. This past week we learned about the Girl Scout promise and law. Next week, we'll make sit-upons and s'mores. Wihoo!

Although it's a bit of work for my co-leader and me, Brownies is a good antidote to the stress and conflict of my job. First-, second-, and third-graders are really fun to know. I'm excited for our year ahead.

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SoKno Machita said...

K -
KP here. Brownies...I was a leader for AJ's troop. I hope you have a better experience than I did. I grew to hate it more than any experience I have ever endured. Which was so unfortunate because I had such a wonderful experience with scouting when I was little. I had about 20+ girls in the troop and they were OUT OF CONTROL! If you ever want me to help out with a nature walk, let me know, I think I'd enjoy that.

I am enjoying your blog BTW. I would like to get started blogging too. I'll keep you updated.