Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Too Sexy for My Pants

In the interests of keeping everyone in the 500Jerk household sane and giving the family a respite from my aggressive neatness, I go out with the "girls" once a month. This past Thursday, it was our girls' night out mission to find nonfrumpy jeans, and for that, we visited Bar Denim in Bearden. The owner was accommodating enough to keep the shop open late for us working ladies, and we tried on all manner of highly stylish, HIGHLY EXPENSIVE jeans. Although I should have balked at the price tag, when a friend commented on how good my derriere looked in one pair, I had to have them (I'm a sucker for compliments).

Although I'll be on austerity measures for the rest of the month, I now own a pair of AG jeans. They're low cut, tight, and flared, and I'm pretty sure they're not appropriate for soccer games or Brownies troop meetings. Bucking the suits trend, I wore them yesterday to work and got lots of compliments. Even my gay hairdresser commented favorably on my new look.

I don't think these jeans will be in style for very long, but for the time being, they're pretty fun.

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