Thursday, September 25, 2008

The New Dog Issue

Because there's not enough chaos in our lives already, our family has been discussing getting a puppy. A smallish, friendly puppy that does not eat chickens, herd the children, or have other genetically predisposed bad habits. There's been lots of debate on exactly what kind of dog would fit our bill. My personal preference is to pick up something unrelated to a pit bull from the local pound and call it a day. But in my husband's view, if he doesn't have to research it exhaustively on the Web, then drive 500 miles and pay loads of money for it, it's just not worth it.

Although we're currently at a stalemate, I noticed today there's an awfully cute little schnauzer/terrier mix named Oswell at the local animal shelter who looks promising. Check him out:

That dog is SOULFUL, close by, and needs a home. Plus, he's already got a pretty cool name.

UPDATE: When the 500Jerk husband visited the animal shelter late Thursday, Oswell already had been adopted.

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