Monday, December 1, 2008

Birthday Girl

I basically fell down on the job of taking pictures on Miss M's birthday, but do have this happy shot from early Saturday morning when she opened a few presents.

Miss M was so gently happy and sweetly thankful in accepting presents and attention on her birthday that, as her mama, I was truly proud.

And I was proud, too, of Boy Wonder, who wished Miss M an unprompted happy birthday early in the morning and tried hard to be happy for her all day. (That's challenging work for a five year-old, you know.) He received a consolation present--a small, loud turkey he felt sure Santa would never find at Carpe Librum. Boy Wonder has quite rightfully pointed out that although his sister is awash in stuffed animals, he has very few.

Now he has one more.

UPDATE: A couple more birthday shots:

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