Friday, February 13, 2009

Your Baby Loses a Tooth

Boy Wonder lost his first tooth yesterday, and boy, was he excited. We were happy for him, too, although there is something bittersweet about the youngest child starting to lose his baby teeth. Of course, Boy Wonder was not feeling sentimental in the least: "But you're happy for me, Mom, right? OK!"

He pulled it out himself at school, "at 3:03PM." And his teacher wrapped it in a little piece of blue construction paper for him to take home.

Although he was excited to be visited by the Tooth Fairy for the first time, he did say, "I miss my wiggly tooth. I liked to wiggle it."

I took some pictures of him early Friday morning. He is just so goofy that I had to laugh.

See what I mean?

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500Jerk said...

I can't even make that face!

Miss M