Thursday, February 12, 2009

Craving the Juice

After a great dinner at Taste of Thai with extended family last night, we got home to find our power was out. And lucky us! Practically everyone else on our street has power. This means we are extremely low priority on KUB's to-do list. So Miss M worked in bed with a flashlight on an Amelia Earhart book report due Friday, while we bumbled around in the dark finding PJs and toothbrushes and discussing various pieces of Amelia Earhart trivia (did you know, for instance, that Amelia Earhart never went to college?).

This morning rose clear, sunny, and cool but still . . . no power. It's kind of fun to make do, but as my family will attest, the biggest problem with no power is--NO COFFEE FOR MOMMY. The 500Jerk Spouse has rightfully pointed out that NO COFFEE FOR MOMMY is akin to a code red national emergency.

Given that our power may not be restored for another day, I am already planning how to cope with an uncaffeinated Friday morning. This plan may involve purchasing a camp stove or bunsen burner and waking up at the crack of dawn to get it going on our porch. Or, more simply, an early morning run in my pajamas to the local Starbucks.

Although the effort involved makes me regret my heavy reliance on caffeine, let me tell you, the alternative--doing nothing--is much, much worse.

Just ask my family.

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