Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Due Diligence

Like most parents, we limit how much time our children spend on the computer and watching TV in hopes they won't become complete zombies. But the arrival of WebKinz, furry stuffed animals with a Web-based schedule of "feeding" and "care," have brought the pleas for computer time to a new crescendo. Apparently, if you don't check in on your WebKinz animal fairly frequently, the online alter ego WebKinz gets really skinny and sick. So, in my kids' minds, computer time has now become a matter of WebKinz life and death.

Ho hum, is what I say.

The other day we generously awarded Miss M ten minutes of computer time to check her WebKinz. After about eight minutes of Miss M staring with a dazed expression at the computer, her dad warned her about computer time coming to an end.

500Jerk Spouse: Two more minutes, Miss M.
Miss M: But DAD.
500Jerk Spouse: Two minutes. I mean it.
Miss M: But DAD. There's so much reading to do. I'm not done.
500Jerk Spouse: Reading?
Miss M: YES. These terms and conditions are very long, and I'm still not done. I haven't even checked my WebKinz yet.

Kudos to Miss M, the only Internet user who actually reads those silly user agreements. Other than the well-paid lawyers who write them, of course.

I think she may have her future cut out for her.


AppyLove said...

That is hilarious! That's what I'm going to think of every time my niece mentions her WebKinz now.

Katie said...

Future contracts lawyer ;-)

500Jerk said...

Something like that. She's very conscientious. I'm impressed she could stay focused on a user agreement for that long. Shows a pretty high tolerance for boring reading!

Missybw said...

Oh, and keep in mind that at the end of one year the account is closed. Your webkinz is only alive for one year. My sis and I joked that we needed to start a "Deadkinz" site where kids can come for funerals and burial of their petz. I know, we're sick like that. Becz. we've both bought a few of those things and we're a little annoyed at hearing "oh no! my _____ is dead". Grrrrr.