Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Budding Naturalist

It's been quite cool and overcast this week, and although it can't be more than 55 degrees at 6AM, I sneak around the house opening and shutting windows before anyone else is up. (I'm a fresh air fiend, which pretty much drives my spouse crazy, but I pay the utility bill, so he indulges me.)

When Boy Wonder came down for breakfast the other day, I moved to shut the windows pouring in cold, damp air (ahhh . . . smell the freshness). But then we had this unexpected exchange:

Boy Wonder: Don't shut the windows, Mama.
500Jerk: But I'm worried you're cold, Boy Wonder.
Boy Wonder: I am cold, but I like to hear the birds sing.

It amazes me how children's interests frequently have nothing to do with what they're taught or what they learn from parents. Boy Wonder, at six, loves birds. Enough that he's willing to endure the discomfort of a foggy, cool morning so he can listen to birds while eating cereal.

I think that's pretty great.

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