Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's How We Fry an Egg in East Tennessee

As you might imagine, with 16 chickens, we have a lot of eggs. And we eat a lot of eggs. My college-age nephew, Dan, who lives in Kentucky but has been staying with us off and on for the past week, quizzed the 500Jerk kids on how they like their eggs prepared:

Cuzzin' Dan: So, Miss M., how do you like your eggs?
Miss M: I like mine scrambled. With pepper and hot sauce. Oh, and salt.
Cuzzin' Dan: Yeah, sounds good. How 'bout you, Boy Wonder?
Boy Wonder: I like mine overwhelmed.
Cuzzin' Dan: Over . . . well?
Boy Wonder: No. OVERWHELMED.
Cuzzin' Dan: Hunh. Well, OK, then.

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