Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Congratulations, Graduate!

Boy Wonder graduated from kindergarten last week, wearing a royal blue cap and gown. As is usually the case, my camera batteries died at the most inopportune moment, so all I have to share is Boy Wonder's self-portrait.

His eyes aren't quite that big in real life. And he did wear pants. But it's otherwise a fairly good likeness.

My sister-in-law and her eldest son, who happened to be in town the night of graduation, joined us at the ceremony. For Boy Wonder, who adores his cousins, this was the equivalent of having Brad Pitt unexpectedly join you for dinner. He was so excited, in fact, that he made nonstop googly eyes at us, then in the middle of the ceremony jumped up clutching himself and shouted, "Mom, Mom, Mom, I've got to go! To the bathroom! NOW!"

Aside from that unscripted moment, the ceremony was very dignified. The kindergartners sang a few songs, watched a slide presentation of their year, did an approximation of a Rockette kick-line, and received their beautifully inscribed diplomas.

Kindergarten graduation may be a bit silly, but it's fun. And I'm proud of all the progress Boy Wonder made this year.

He may turn out all right, after all. ;)

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