Saturday, July 18, 2009

Go West--Paradise Is There

Many apologies for the blog silence, primarily due to a mountain of photographs to organize and upload. A mountain of photos of mountains, because the 500Jerk family recently visited Glacier National Park in Montana.

Glacier is, in a word, stunning. Soaring mountains. Jewel-like lakes. Bright wildflowers.

There are white wooden boats crossing glacial lakes.

Retro red buses traveling the park's Going-to-the Sun-Road.

And of course, glaciers. But not many are left. In fact, the Park Service estimates all glaciers in the park will be gone by 2020.

So that's why you need to go now.

Seriously. The scale of Glacier is awe-inspiring. The landscape is simply immense.

And if you go, you might see a moose. But shhhh . . . moose like to pretend they're alone.

There are frolicking white mountain goats with kids. For real!

And the occasional wood sprite.

There are even horses to ride.

Hungry horses.

But what would paradise be without horses?

There are miles of trails to wander in Glacier. Do avoid startling the grizzly bears while wandering, though. Grizzly bears don't take to surprises.

You'll want to take time to skip rocks and soak it in.

Soak up all that beauty to hold inside you.

Go west.


Katie said...

Looks awesome. H is in Montana, but he hates it :-(

Of course, he currently kind of hates everything, so...

500Jerk said...

What I wouldn't give to be in school in Montana!