Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nobody Told Me There'd Be Days Like These

By 9:07AM this morning, I had:

1. Made and packed three nutritious lunches.
2. Made and set out two nutritious breakfasts.
3. Given one loudly reluctant child a shower.
4. Discovered other child's undone math homework; helped complete.
5. Retrieved dry cleaning from car. In the rain.
6. Stripped bed and put load of whites in wash.
7. Fed and watered two overeager dogs.
8. Unloaded dishwasher.
9. Hunted and packed running clothes for late afternoon run.
10. Showered and dressed for work.
11. Cleaned up breakfast dishes; reloaded dishwasher.
12. Devised makeshift rain shelter for outdoor dog kennel.
13. Wrangled thirty pounds of wildly resistant puppy into said kennel while successfully avoiding stepping in dog poop.
14. Remembered books promised to running partner; packed in car.
15. Hustled kids into car—with rain gear, lunchboxes, backpacks, assorted folders, share items—and dropped off at school. (Late again.)
16. Arranged for quitclaim deed to be filed.
17. Reassured 500Jerk Spouse that quitclaim deed was indeed filed.
18. Sat down at my desk, ready for workday to begin.


AppyLove said...

My future as a potential working mother hinges on the answer to this question:

Did you do this BEFORE or AFTER caffeine?

Incredible list--I'm impressed and intimidated.

500Jerk said...

I start drinking coffee within ten minutes of waking up, and I switch to Diet Coke at 12PM. There basically is no time during my day when I'm not heavily caffeinated.
PS How do you get your caffeine fix?

AppyLove said...

Hmmm...the most reliable and enjoyable way is via Panera's hazelnut (usually accompanied by a 500-calorie cinnamon crunch donut. I mean, bagel.). But I dilute the hazelnut with about a third decaf. I love being caffeinated and at times even feel more creative and capable when I've got a good caffeine buzz going. It also turns me into a complete motormouth and friends and family usually call me out on it. Apparently I'm quite sensitive to its effects and sometimes have to counteract them with beer if I have caffeine too late in the day.

It's a delicate balancing act, but I embrace the challenge!

How about you? Any good coffee recommendations?

500Jerk said...

I like Kenya beans from Starbucks. Very tasy!

500Jerk said...