Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barring Illegal Immigrants from Purchasing Health Insurance Is a Bad Idea (More with the Health Care)

Other than appealing to the worst anti-immigrant impulses, why would our Senate put forth a health care bill that would prohibit illegal immigrants from purchasing health insurance with their own money and without government subsidies on a health insurance exchange?

Because health care providers who treat uninsured illegal immigrants should absorb the cost of immigrant health care instead?

Because we prefer that illegal immigrants be provided health care free of charge?

Because illegal immigrants don't need health care or health insurance?

Or maybe because we've elected Senators who are obstinately and irrationally devoted to their own prejudices?

The cost of providing health care care to the uninsured is astronomical. Health care providers all over the country struggle to meet the needs of the uninsured through charity care programs and forgiveness of debt. Barring illegal immigrants from purchasing their own health insurance is senseless because without health insurance, these immigrants can't afford to pay for their own health care. Health care providers simply pay for it for them.

And that means the cost of health care increases for everyone. Including the members of anti-immigrant groups to which such a restriction panders.

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