Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The High Life

Thanks to the much-appreciated generosity of friends, the 500Jerk Spouse and I saw Saturday's UT-Vandy football game in the awesome ensconcement of their skybox.

I'm not even sure "ensconcement" is a word, but awesome new experiences demand awesome new words, am I right?

And the skybox experience is AWESOME. You can see the ENTIRE field and each of the 107,000 orange-bedecked people on and around it. At every other UT game I've ever attended the field looked like no more than a small rectangle with orange moving dots. And I really couldn't even focus on THAT because I was too busy defending the eight inches of seating space I'd been allotted by the UT Athletic Department.

So this skybox thing was another world. Plush seats! With backs! Free food! A television! But do you want to know the best part? The very, very best part? There is no need to focus overly on the game itself. No need at all! Because football? That's secondary to what's going on in Skybox Land. I'd say I watched about three minutes total, and even that might be stretching it. The rest of the time I chatted with folks, surveyed who else was up there and what they were wearing (orange ensembles, FYI), and horked down all the free ice cream I could find. Did I mention the free drinks? And Verizon swag?

Oh, it was lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

A big thank you to our generous friends. May we someday be able to repay your outrageous act of kindness.

In the meantime, GO VOLS!

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