Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Have a Bad Dog

This is our Newfoundland puppy, Posy. Although she's only six months old, she already weighs about 60 pounds and is a fully self-realized Bad Dog.

To wit:

1. She chews up our woodwork.
2. She eats our shoes.
3. She plays with the water in her bowl by slapping her gigantic bear paws in and out of it. No, really.
4. She jumps on our guests. Especially the small, slow ones. And the old, infirm ones.
5. She chases our chickens.
6. She sweeps laundry, library books, and DVDs our friends have loaned us off the counters and takes them outside to chew on.
7. She digs holes in our yard.
8. She barks at 4AM.
9. She is very, very messy.
10. She torments our elderly Lab.
11. She does not come when she is called.
12. She knocks down our trash can and spreads garbage all over our lawn.
13. She tears open our UPS packages and plays with their contents.
14. She chews up our Christmas ornaments and Christmas presents.
15. She herds us.


I love her. I love her in all her furry black and white badness. She is very fun, mostly because she is so ridiculously large and mischevious. And she loves me. She's a big cuddler, and she's going to be a good dog. One day.

If she lives that long.


Backyard Journal said...

I have a similar bad dog who also has been known to chase our chickens. We had to board her at a kennel while we attended our son's wedding and she was expelled, or at least asked to not return! She is currently learning much better manners by way of a radio fence. I enjoyed reading your posts!

500Jerk said...

We are planning on getting another round of chickens this spring and are worried about what Posy may do. She has calmed down a bit since puppyhood but she loves birds (in an I-want-to-eat-that-feathery-goodness kind of way). Good luck with your pup!