Friday, June 18, 2010

And Then There Were None

Chickens, that is.

The Spouse started out fourteen months ago with a chicken coop and 22 chickens. We nurtured, named, and played* with them. They were really fun. And productive. At one point we were so covered up in eggs, we ate them at practically every meal.

Over time, however, we lost a lot of chickens. Free-ranging chickens is just not possible, even in the relative safety of the suburbs. Chickens are too slow and vulnerable to be left outside. We couldn't really even keep them safe IN the coop. We lost our last, lonely chicken this week.

Fact is, EVERYBODY likes chicken. Our coop was an irresistible all-you-can-eat buffet for predators--raccoons, possums, hawks, osprey. Not to mention neighborhood dogs. Dogs were the worst offenders.

So, goodbye to the chickens. We hope you're pecking around chicken heaven, eating all the lettuce and strawberry parings you can. Napoleon, Heidi, Chip, we'll miss you, you funny creatures. So long.

* Chicken roulette is a good game to play with guests. Every guest gets a chicken to perch on his or her shoulder. The one who gets pooped on first is the winner.**

**I'm telling you, there's just NO END to the fun here at 500Jerk.

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