Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eyebrow Freak

Years ago, I had an amusing experience involving eyebrow waxing. I was in some chi-chi DC department store for the overly entitled waiting for a beauty appointment, when suddenly there was a great ruckus from the back of the salon. Yelling, scuffling, and door-pounding ensued. Then furious shouting. Everyone in the waiting area craned their necks to see what was happening.

It turned out that a hapless aesthetician had removed more of a client's eyebrows than the client wanted. And instead of politely complaining LIKE A NORMAL PERSON, the customer had flown out of her chair in a rage and CHASED the aesthetician into one of the private beauty rooms. The panicked aesthetician had locked the door, and the unhappy customer was furiously pounding on it, shouting things like, "You took off my entire eyebrow, you *%^&$! You incompetent idiot! I'll have you fired, you BIT*%!"

The entire salon stopped, jaws agape. The woman was openly furious, and she was apparently ready to kill someone over her eyebrows. I don't know what would have happened if the aesthetician had been unable to hide.

The funny thing was that once the salon managers got it together, no one called the police. Instead, they began offering the insanely angry woman extra services. To appease her. A massage, maybe? A manicure? Something for the madame to drink, perhaps? In other words, a reward for her bad behavior. The shaken aesthetician, on the other hand, would not come out of the locked room until she was sure the badly behaved customer had left.

I mention this only because an aesthetician took off most of MY eyebrows last night. They look really weird--like a kewpie doll.

Exercising supreme self-restraint, though, I did not chase the aesthetician into a room and call her a bunch of names. Even though I could see where doing something like that might be kind of entertaining.

I mean, eyebrows grow back, right?


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