Sunday, June 27, 2010

If You Give a Boy a Water Hose

The dog days of summer are here in East Tennessee, and like many parents, we struggle with keeping kids occupied when it's so deathly hot outside. Bike rides, the zoo, and downtown window-shopping are strictly out of the question, and there are only so many movies to watch, books to read, and--believe it or not--Legos masterpieces to create before the little people start getting itchy.

So, I present to you an outdoor option for energetic young things:

If you give a boy a water hose, a patient dog, and a couple of toys, he'll pretty much wear himself out.

Plus, he'll cool off and water your lawn for you.

If you can convince him not to spray the house, the dog, or his sister, it's all good.

And he can always make it up to the dog.

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