Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music Musings

Although I seem to have pretty much lost nine year-old Miss M to the slickly seductive world of Star 102.1 pop music (curse you, Hannah Montana, I would call you a bunch of names, but my elderly mother reads this blog), Boy Wonder at seven remains open to the more authentic, tuneful rock-folk-country-Americana music that I love. His favorite song for years now has been I'll Fly Away, although Gillian Welch's I Want To Sing That Rock and Roll and Red Clay Halo are close seconds. Although it had been a while, last night we sang Emmylou Harris's Guitar Town, Trapeze by Patti Griffin, then Virginia Way by Scott Miller. Boy Wonder had lots of questions about the lyrics--where do you get courage? But WHERE is it inside you? Where's Guitar Town? A thousand miles is farther away than Billings, isn't it?

Every time I start thinking Boy Wonder is completely lost in a white noise world of his own making, he startles me by being acutely present. And he really seems to like music. He's even visiting a local music shop today on a camp field trip; I'm hopeful it will inspire interest in a ukulele I gave him for Christmas last year.

As for singing, I remember my own mother singing Mighty Like a Rose to me as a child (she changed the opening lyrics from "sweetest little fellow" to "sweetest little flower"). I sang Mighty Like a Rose to my children, too, but also the entire soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou, with some June Carter Cash, Alison Krauss, and Robinella thrown in. I hope my children will sing some of those songs to their children.

My friend, Barbara, a compulsive purchaser of good music, loaned me some new music yesterday. So, in the coming days, I'll be listening to new work by Patty Loveless, Lyle Lovett, Bruce Springsteen, Red Stick Ramblers, Jakob Dylan, and Robinella. Oh, and of course, Count This Penny's, I'm Gone, plus another beautiful song AppyLove sent me last night. It's good to have friends that help you navigate a musical course. Miss M will likely be appreciative as well, not so much because she loves the music, but because she can't stand my current compulsive re-playing of John Hiatt's, That's What Love Can Do. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lyrics:

You dream a dream, then the dream comes true.
Can you imagine what love can do?
You're alone in the coffee shop, then she's by your side.
Love picks up the tab,
And you're both having pie.
That's what love can do.

Brilliant. Even after the fiftieth play.


gracenov said...

It is so fun to watch your children listen to and love music. Lately we have been listening to a lot of the sounds that made me a music lover and I realize that for me, more than the sense of smell, music is attached to my memories, both happy and sad (but mostly happy!) A small but representative retrospective:
Choreographing dance moves to Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog with Lindsay Hunt; Crooning to the Beach Boys "Endless Summer", my very first album; Doing the Hustle for hours in my living room; Learning that there is no Santa from kids on the playground and returning to chorus class in tears as they were singing "The ink is black, the page is white...together we learn to read and write..."; my mom coming to my room to tell me my granddaddy had died as I was listening to the Grease soundtrack; sitting in my den with best friend De harmonizing to Crosby Stills and Nash; returning home from a night out with Dad waiting up for me listening to my Rolling Stones albums (yes, albums!); dancing to Prince's 1999 at fraternity house; cranking the Grateful Dead while sunbathing in college; requesting Pink Floyd's "Wish you Were Here" on the radio station for my friend Kemp who had died from a lightning strike; watching M and J dance to Big TIme Rush and Kiss; and the list goes on and on.

500Jerk said...

Love your wonderful memories linked to music!

AppyLove said...

I read just today that Dan Zanes will be returning to Knoxville on August 13th! (And one of his amazing bandmates plays fiddle on our EP...we went to high school with her, she was in town for a wedding, she's incredibly kind, and she is a jaw-droppingly amazing violinist. In other words, we lucked up.) I also think you'll appreciate knowing that I bought Allen a ukelele for Christmas/graduation last year!

500Jerk said...

Thanks so much for the head's up on Dan Zanes. Love him and his band. We got to talk to his violinist the last time they were in town and put the Oak Ridge piece of the puzzle together. Small world, hunh? She was very nice, and the show was so much fun. I will never forget the Dan Zanes-led conga line around the Bijou. Or the toddler mosh pit at in front of the Bijou stage. Boy Wonder, who knows no boundaries, kept climbing up on stage with the band, and security kept gently putting him back in the mosh pit. Then he would climb back up again. Total silliness.

Dan Zanes inspired my ukulele purchase; hope Allen gets a kick out of it. I think it has a good sound.

Watch out for naked cyclists!

Nicole M. said...

Where did you find that uke? It is so darling! I've been looking for one for a while, and that one looks just my style :)