Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Highlights

Kneeboarding Timmys.

Homemade apple pie and ice cream with friends and family.

Witnessing nephew David O. and friend John Michael jump repeatedly from a 40 foot cliff into the Tennessee River. And live.

Leisurely pedicure with my SIL.

Watching Eclipse for a second time (at 10:15AM Sunday morning) with my sweet niece, Elizabeth.

Meeting pint-sized elf-baby Georgia.

A car full of kids howling along to Werewolves of London on the way to Krispy Kreme.

Kids' candy run to Mast General Store; tangential stop at Matt Morelock's to pick up a jaw harp.

Fireworks from the Women's Basketball of Fame. Big family dinners. Time on the lake. Beautiful, hot swimming weather. Laughing over breakfasts. Really, there were too many blessings to name, and I am truly thankful.

I hope you and yours had a great weekend, too.

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