Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clif Bars: The Post Where I Save You the Trouble of Sampling Them All

I very much like the idea of a Clif Bar for breakfast; they're convenient, nutritious, and fast. Although I feed my children a much healthier meal in the morning, my early morning appetite is limited to coffee and whatever small amount of food will carry me through to lunch. So a Clif Bar is a good solution. But here's the rub: All Clif Bars lack plate appeal and some of them taste awful (I'M THINKING OF YOU, CHOCOLATE BROWNIE). In fact, I've found that the only Clif Bar worth eating is Crunchy Peanut Butter.

OK, OK, I admit it, after several unsuccessful forays with other types of Clif Bars, I became seriously put off my feed, so, no, I haven't sampled the whole Clif Bar universe. I leave that to you.

But if you're thinking of trying a Clif Bar, may I suggest you start with the Crunchy Peanut Butter? It really seems to be the best.


AppyLove said...

This post is Truth.

gracenov said...

You feed your kids a healty breakfast? what praytell?

500Jerk said...

Appy's comment cracked me up.

Eggs and bread: scrambled, hardboiled, omlettes, fried egg sandwiches; toast or english muffins.

Grape nuts and yogurt and honey and berries (got that from you, actually).

Fruit smoothies--easy, good. You can put yogurt/kefir and frozen fruit in.

Cereal and milk and orange juice.

Frozen waffles and yogurt and berries.

On infrequent occasions, pancakes.

What about you?

gracenov said...

very similar minus the eggs...usually not enough time to pull out pots and pans! Smoothies and cereal have been the mainstay lately.Haven't ventured into kefir yet but have been wanting to try it!

500Jerk said...

The kefir at Earth Fare in cardboard quart containers (Annies? Amy's?) is good and comes in raspberry, peach, blackberry, plain, and blueberry. It's just like a liquidy yogurt and is a great base for a smoothie. Hey--you can even freeze the smoothie into a popsicles, then pass that off as a kind of ice cream breakfast treat. Now if I were Jerry Seinfeld's wife I would be pouring protein powder and liquid spinach/amino acids into the frozen frui/kefir mix. But call me crazy--I just like my kids to eat food that looks like itself.