Friday, July 9, 2010

The Timsters at Seven and Eight

I love that Boy Wonder has a close cousin about his age with the same first name.

We call them Timmy O. and Timmy Z. Or, collectively, "the Timmys." As in, where are the Timmys? Has anyone seen the Timmys? What do the Timmys want to drink? Are the Timmys in bed yet?

After Timmy O. goes home, my Timmy always tells me, "MOM, you can stop calling me Timmy Z. now. I'm the ONLY Timmy."

But the fun thing is--he's really not. And he'll always have that connection to his first cousin.


AppyLove said...

Jerk, sometimes I am weirded out by parallels between my life and your blog.

My husband's sister recently had a baby boy and gave him the same name as MY brother. I was a little bummed, but since I have no kids, am not pregnant or seriously planning to be (or am I? depends what day it is), I couldn't exactly look one of my favorite people in the eye at 7 months pregnant and say "Really? I was kinda saving that name for my hypothetical future son."

So this post was great for me to read. And it might just result in multiple Bens.

ps-It makes me laugh that I started out this comment by calling you "Jerk." Actually it makes me laugh every time I think about you with that moniker. So counterintuitive to my perception of you that it's completely hilarious.

500Jerk said...

Ben is a great name. As long as you don't name all your kids Ben, I think you're good.

And my two cents on having kids: Kids are seriously big fun. I never knew that until I had them. All this recent stuff published about parents being less happy than non-breeders, I don't know what to make of it. I'm much happier. There's so much more joy my life. I definitely sleep less, though. That's not the joyful part.

I hope your music is coming along well. Shoot me some more when you can! You can call me Jerk anytime!