Friday, September 3, 2010

It’s Football Time in Tennessee! Again!

In anticipation of the first University of Tennessee football game of the season, the Spouse has been taken up (completely possessed?) by the Vols spirit and has decided that the very best way of showing his enthusiasm for UT football is to drag his 2000 pound smoker to a tailgating spot near Neyland Stadium, where he will spend the ENTIRE night before the game smoking pork, drinking cokes, and hanging out with equally crazed friends and family. Last night found him compiling lists, dashing to neighbors, running to Sam’s, and tinkering with a satellite dish and an old TV (because it’s imperative to have TV while tailgating), all this while watching the South Carolina game (football on Thursday nights, too, LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH). The logistics involved with this tailgating effort are beyond complicated, akin to a space shuttle launch, and to me—a displaced Yankee with absolutely no interest in football, orange, or sleeping outside—it seems like a hell of a lot of work for a picnic.

But that’s just me. And it’s awfully entertaining to poke fun at the Spouse, so I’m enjoying the chaos from afar. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures to post soon.


AppyLove said...

Wow. This post makes me thankful that Allen's biggest football vice is over-joining fantasy leagues...but your husband's tailgate party does sound pretty darn amazing.

For my money, I like "Go Vols!" as an all-purpose awkward-moment conversation filler. Have a great long weekend!

500Jerk said...

Hey Appy,
Tailgating was a success, but hoo boy, lots of heavy lifting involved.