Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Better Butter

Is your life lacking that buttery je ne sais quoi? Do you find yourself lamenting the ersatz butter with which you top your toast every morning? Is your caloric and cholesterol count of absolutely no concern?

Then, THIS, my friends, is the butter for you:

You may think I'm schilling for Plugra, but I'm truly not. This butter simply tastes BETTER. In fact, it is downright DELICIOUS. So delicious that you should go out and buy some right away. Our downscale local grocery store apparently ordered a case of Plugra and couldn't find any takers (being European-style and all, it is RAWTHER expensive), so we found bars and bars of Plugra marked half off. As you might imagine, we now have a refrigerator full of butter. I see a lot of toast in my future. Also, early-morning workouts.

Try this butter. It is SO good.

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