Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Henry's Story

Knoxville's WBIR will be broadcasting a thirty-minute commercial-free story about Henry Granju this coming Wednesday night. You may remember Henry, our friend Katie Granju's bright, beautiful son who died this past May from a drug overdose. He was only eighteen, a handsome kid with a big mop of hair, and the light of his mama's life. I wrote a short piece about his funeral service here. Katie has urged her Mamapundit blog readers and friends to reach out to their own communities to encourage them to watch Henry's Story Wednesday evening.

I'll be watching Wednesday night; maybe you'll tune in, too? I'm not sure if it will be appropriate for children, so you might want to see it, then decide if it's OK for your children see. Maybe it will be a springboard for discussing drug use with your kids. Or maybe it's something to save to discuss with them down the road. Either way, the point is this: Don't let Henry's death be in vain. Watching or talking about this show with your friends and family might allow someone, somewhere to avoid the terrible grip addiction had on Henry and the tragic price he paid.

If you can't see it Wednesday or live out of the area, WBIR plans to make the show available on their website after the initial showing.

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barbaraflynn said...

I will definitely be watching. Thanks for letting me know about the show.