Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More with the Oppressive Neatness

Miss M: Wasn’t that funny how H.’s mother said everything in our house was like Martha Stewart’s?

500Jerk: She did? What do you think she meant by that?

Miss M: Umm, you know, that our house is so . . . orderly.

500Jerk: Orderly?

Miss M: Yeah, orderly. You know, Mom, in some houses kids are actually allowed to touch the walls. Like put their whole hands on the walls and their parents don't freak out.

500Jerk: They are? Why would anyone do that? It messes up the paint. It should not happen. Ever!

Miss M: See? ORDERLY.


katie allison granju said...

I love you :-)

500Jerk said...

Did you know I've been thinking about you all week? Miss you!

smn said...

You have clearly come a long way from our dorm room days in Mem. That laundry pile under our beds still haunts me.