Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Help Me God, I’ll Never Be Cold Again

It’s freezing here in Knoxville, but I’m channeling my inner Scarlett O’Hara today, wearing my fabulous new La Canadienne boots.

Canadians? Know something about boots. These La Canadienne boots are stylish, comfortable, waterproof, and WARM. They weren't cheap, but a friend and I scored them on Black Friday at 25% off, plus free shipping. I love them. I can dress them up with a skirt for work or wear them on weekends with jeans. They're so comfortable I can chase and tackle my seven year-old in them and so warm I no longer covet my colleagues' space heaters. They have cured any cold weather-related blues I might otherwise have, and I'm seriously considering not taking them off until mid-April.

These boots rock. I'll never be cold again!


gracenov said...

Coulda used them this week. Had an outside shoot and could not keep my feet warm, even with hand warmers stuck in my keen hiking boots! So jealous!

500Jerk said...

A. told me, and I was sending warm thoughts your way. You need these boots!