Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cumberland Island, Georgia

The 500Jerk family started spring break 2011 with a camping trip on Cumberland Island, Georgia. The Big Genie and his tribe led the way.

Although some of us are dyed in the wool campers (see slightly crazed tall man in camper hat, below), others are less certain about camping on a remote island.

Take Boy Wonder, for instance, who appeared first pensive--

then concerned as an overburdened ferry took off toward our island destination.

But as it turns out, Cumberland Island is beautiful. Hauntingly, gothically, unforgettably beautiful.

Plus, it has what one hard-to-please critic estimates to be "the best climbing trees in the world."

Methinks the baronial Carnegies knew what they were doing when they acquired most of the property on this island.

We hiked the island's sandy inroads and beaches, hunting for sharks' teeth and shells.

We made friends with Joe Bob, a half-blind armadillo who blundered through our campsite on a daily basis.

We played on the dunes.

We admired Cumberland's wild horses at the ruins of the Carnegies' formerly grand estate, Dungeness.

We used all of our newfangled camping gear.

We giggled.

We cooked out.

We wondered aloud about how we might someday get back to this perfect place.

1 comment: said...

These pictures are beautiful! They make me want to go to Cumberland Island. What a great vacation spot. It looks as if you chose a great place for spring break. I love the hanging moss, the trees and the huge beaches.
I hope you will find this perfect place again. Not too far away either. Love, Mom