Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Change in Routine

Miss M:  I like that you're driving us to school now, Mom.

Me:  Really, why? 

Miss M: Because Dad always made us listen to Sports Talk.  That show is awful.  And he's always all, "What do you mean? This show is GREAT."

Me:  Hunh.  Because of Sports Talk.  So, not because of my sparkling personality?

Miss M:  Uh, no.


jon said...

I assume that whatever I will want to listen to will be something the kids don't want to listen to, but since it works both ways, and I'm driving, I choose. :-)

And I totally agree with Miss M about Sports Talk. And Sports Talk fans all seem to be completely unaware of how the rest of the world doesn't want to hear endless sports "news." Not that I'm bitter. ;-)

BJF said...

If Sports Talk is in anyway like the Sports Animal show that regularly broadcasts from Long's Drugstore (with Heather, Doc & Reggie or some similar names), I'm with Maddie.

I gave up going to Long's for breakfast when I saw the Sports Animal van parked outside. Loud, boring and they took up two tables with their equipment. Oh, maybe it's the same show? Anyway...