Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Imagined Conversation with Dinner Guest

Lovely Dinner Guest: May I have one of the delicious hamburgers you cooked for me and your other dinner guests so I can feed it to my dog at home?

Me (hand on heart): Why, that’s so nice of you to ask. I take that as a compliment.

Lovely Dinner Guest: You’re so very welcome.

Me:   . . .

Lovely Dinner Guest:  I'm sensing some reluctance on your part.  Perhaps, have I overstepped? 

Me (smiling magnanimously): Oh no, thank you so much for asking. Actually, I do save those leftover hamburgers to pack for my children’s school lunch during the week. And I make a special trip to a health food store to buy expensive, but wholesome, hormone-free, and environmentally sound, ground beef to feed my family.  But if you think the dog should have one . . . .

Lovely Dinner Guest (not eyeing other dinner guests’ plates hungrily): Oh, no, I see now! You’re absolutely right, you should save those for your children.

Me: I appreciate your understanding.

Lovely Dinner Guest: Why, it’s nothing at all. And I do understand--it doesn’t make sense to feed my dog the food you prepared for me.

Me: Thank you, that's so very thoughtful and kind.

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