Monday, August 29, 2011

That Same Old Message

Boy Wonder (8):  I heard Facebook is bad because it has that cyber-, cyber-, cyber- . . .  what's it?

Miss M (10, bored): Cyberbullying.

Boy Wonder:  Yeah!  Cyberbullying.  CYBERBULLYING.  It's so BAD. 

Miss M (drily):  Let me guess, Weekly Reader?

Boy Wonder:  How'd you know?

Miss M:  Because they're always talking about cyberbullying in the Weekly Reader.  It's cyberbullying, or icebergs melting.  One or the other.  They're obsessed with those two topics. 

Boy Wonder:  Really? Hunh.

Although I'm sure the Weekly Reader has much to offer, I love that Miss M is somewhat suspicious of its repetitive content.  And I'm glad she's pointing the issue out to Boy Wonder. 

Critical thinking--we all need more of that.

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