Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Reliability List

Although life takes unexpected twists and turns—and sometimes the very earth moves—here are ten constants I can count on:

1. I will never, EVER wear a cape.  Just . . . no.

2. A smog-laden, oppressively hot August is the burden of otherwise glorious living in East Tennessee.

3. People smile more on Fridays.  See Related Item 9, infra.

4. The very sight of my children lifts my spirits.  See why? 

5. The J. Crew items I covet always seem to be at least 30% overpriced.

6. No matter how many times I ask—or how long it’s been—our sad, small fish will not have been fed.  Yet, it always lives to swim another day in its own fish murk.

7. Smitten Kitchen recipes, and its luscious food photography, inevitably involve an unusual culinary combination either I or a family member will not eat.

8. My mother will not resist the impulse to comment on my unruly hair.

9. Fridays make my heart sing.  Sing!

10. Speaking of singing, this song is great. 

Any constants you can rely on?  Do share.


AppyLove said...

THANK you! You can see why the 15% teacher discount at J. Crew is so problematic...still leaves everything 15% overpriced.

I'm in a teacher training session (remind me to tell you about my new job) and everything is blocked so can't see what song you're linking to, but I want to also recommend The Head and the Heart if you aren't already listening to them. Great Friday music: 'Lost in My Mind'

500Jerk said...

Teachers get a J. Crew discount? Maybe I am a teacher? Of sorts?

I liked that song--and the wintry backdrop. I just want to roll in the snow. It is so HOT here.

You are teaching? Middle school? Fill me in.