Friday, September 2, 2011

Missing My Girl Scouts

After three years of Tuesday night silliness and fun, my fearless co-leader and I decided that continuing our Girl Scout troop for another year was not in the cards. Ten year-old Miss M was dismayed, as were some of the other girls.  But basically?  Their troop leaders were out of ideas.  Except for the onerous paperwork requirements, the Girl Scouts program is fairly free-form, meaning there isn't a lot of guidance provided to troop leaders. We crafted our curriculum from scratch. OK, the Girl Scouts did provide a "journeys" workbook, but seriously, Girl Scouts, a workbook?  BORING. 

So, given that we're out of ideas (not to mention time), it's goodbye to Girl Scouts, at least for now. My co-leader made this beautiful thank-you note to the community church kind enough to host us these past few years.

I loved those girls--they were so much fun.  And, if I don't say so myself, we did a lot of cool things.  OK, OK, so I'm feeling kind of regretful and weepy about the whole thing.  Where are the tissues?  I think I have to go now.


bjf said...

Sorry to hear the Girl Scouts are on hold (maybe they will come back?).
When I was a GS back in the Dark Ages, we "worked" on accumulating "merit badges". These were little circles of embroidered green cloth which indicated a proficiency in some category like gardening or hiking or art. I STILL HAVE THESE BADGES and have been meaning to give them to Miss M. Our GS sessions back then were pretty sketchy & informal but somehow I got these 9 badges which were to be sewn on a uniform I think. I guess it gave us something to do. Do they still have such projects? I know you will miss the Scouts. BJF

A. Yates said...

Even though our girl was only part of the troop for one year, G and I so appreciated what you and your co-leader did. Thank you for making it a wonderful experience for R that year. It is a valued thing to leave your child with people you trust.