Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Camping at Big South Fork

So, people, camping.   Camping is pretty much my new favorite thing, the result of spending half my life penned inside an office tower with windows that don't open.  NEED. ME. SOME. FRESH. AIR.    Sleeping on the ground not for you?  Listen, I've gotten camping creature comforts down to a fine art, and you can, too: waterproof tent, lamp, sleeping pad, travel pillow, warm sleeping bag, Kindle with 3G, plus a French press coffee-maker for those cold camping mornings.  Add good friends, Benton's bacon, and a bucket of trail mix, and you're all set. 

We recently camped at Big South Fork for a couple of rather chilly nights.   I love this picture of Big Genie and the Spouse appreciatively eyeing the enormous stone arches near Big South Fork.  While Miss M?  Is totally blasé about natural wonders and busy mugging for the camera.

Tweens.  It's good to get them outside.

Here we have the entire camping cast atop one of the aforementioned stone arches.

You can't tell from the picture, but we're about 40 feet above ground (maybe more, I was too anxious to look over the edge).  Notice how we have the children surrounded?

I know it's getting a  bit cold, but winter camping sounds good to me about now.  Camping in the snow = YES. 

Anyone interested?


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South Fork is a great camping site. It is free from wild animals so it is a safe place to learn outdoor things.

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