Thursday, December 22, 2011

The City of Big Shoulders, Luke, AND Double-Decker Commuter Trains

Our recent trip to the Chicago area for a family wedding included a ride on a double-decker commuter train.  

SOMEbody was really ecstatic about this.  OK, I'll give you a hint:  it was a highly excitable eight year-old boy.  Please compare and contrast facial expressions of excitable boy and completely unfazed commuter dude sitting behind excitable boy.

I love that enthusiasm.

Boy Wonder also was thrilled to have a whole day in Chicago to spend with his older first cousin, Luke.   Luke is very patient when it comes to his absolutely rabid fan base.

I only took my adoring eyes off you to slurp on this here milkshake. 

We all went to Chicago's DMK Burger Bar, which we had spotted on Food Network the week before during a quality Sunday night family dinner at Buddy's Barbecue.  I'm sorry to say that our family mealtimes of late have consisted of reheated chili or Buddy's Barbecue, eaten mostly in silence while watching TV.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the only words we said to each other at Buddy's that night were, "Dang, that burger bar looks good.  We should go there." 

To which everyone nodded silently.

DMK Burger Bar was worth the trip (three words: toasted marshmallow milkshake).  Plus, it had big TVs, so there was no need for small talk.  If Knoxville had a DMK Burger Bar, that's where the 500Jerk family would be on Sunday nights.

More pix soon.

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