Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Muth's: A Sweet Stop

On our way north to Chicago last weekend, we stopped in at Muth's in Louisville, Kentucky, for a quick early morning candy fix.  I read about Muth's earlier this year in Saveur (see here), and given that points Southeast are rarely featured in the magazine, filed it away as a potential destination.

Muth's is an old-fashioned Louisville candy institution known for its bourbon balls and Modjeskas, a grand and tantalizing name for a caramel-swaddled marshmallow.  Unfortunately for us, Modjeskas were sold out due to the Christmastime rush, but while we were there, we did get to try the unbelievably luscious caramels and buttery peanut brittle.  We also peered into the back of the shop, where an army of Muth workers were making, packing, and yes, EATING Muth's candy.   Just as we were leaving, lamenting the distance between Louisville and Knoxville, a shopkeeper rushed out to share Modjeska samples with us.  Delicious!

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