Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Simple Welcome Would Be So Boring

The 500Jerk front door is in need of a new doormat, having lost the last one to the insatiable coir-loving Posymonster.  We have an opportunity to personalize the mat and I, for one, don't mean to squander that opportunity.  A simple "Welcome" seems a bit sedate.  I offer you the following alternatives for consideration:

A nice regional flair, mais non?  I do so like a down-home touch.  Or perhaps this:

Stilted Spanish is just so winning.  Or perhaps this--my personal favorite:

Which do you prefer?  Leave your vote in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

It's Howdy Do for Grandma B.

Christi said...

If you begin to type in "doormats" on google, "doormats with an attitude" is a search option! Lots of great mats on (my fav there was "Welcome. Just don't expect much.") Of your choices, I like Howdy Do.