Friday, February 22, 2013

Boy Wonder Is 10

Boy Wonder recently turned 10, and we celebrated his big move into double digits (10!) with an overnight visit to Gatlinburg.

Birthday pancakes at The Pancake Pantry, oh yeah.
We jumped on the hotel beds, visited arcades, and played laser tag.  Laser tag is surprisingly fun, you know.

Daylong birthday amnesty by usually testy older sister.
For that matter, so is Gatlinburg.  Despite its reputation as a tacky tourist destination, I rather enjoyed it.  I am seriously mellowing in my old age.

The gaggle.
We had four hotel rooms, and I was awakened near dawn by whoops and thumps from the boys' room next door.  There are worse ways to wake up.

My BFF and her sleepy boy.
We headed directly to The Pancake Pantry, then to the arcades.  There was a pause for pizza, then back to the arcades.  And of course, we didn't miss an opportunity to visit Kilwin's, an old-timey candy and ice cream shop.

Posturing tweens.

Whoopee cushion-related merriment.
It was a very fun day, and we were glad to be able to celebrate it on a day off from school.  Happy Birthday, Boy Wonder, we love you!

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