Wednesday, May 1, 2013

British Virgin Islands

The 500Jerk clan traveled to the BVI over spring break with friends.

Regatta off Virgin Gorda
Not only did the Spouse hook us up with extremely nice hotel accommodations, but he also rented a boat, so we could travel between islands.

First Mate
Here's the thing about renting a boat in the BVI:  nobody cares if you have boating credentials.  Or life vests. If you're fool enough to take a boat out in the ocean without experience, that's completely your call.  We had a bit of a . . . learning curve.  I hummed the theme song to Gilligan's Island basically the entire time we were there.  Somehow, we survived.

View from a Tortola dock:

No docks on Jost Van Dyke at the Soggy Dollar Bar.  Hook up to a mooring ball and work for your lunch by swimming in; hence, the name.  Watch out for the topless ladies.

The kids loved the boat.  Including the ocean swells.

Only one was brave enough to jump off a party boat, though.

Beautiful sunsets.

We spent one fun evening on Marina Cay, eyeing the desserts through a ViewMaster while the younger kids fell asleep.

Miss M loved the water and having friends with her.

Little Dix Bay, which we visited solely for the t-shirts.

The Boy eyeing the Hobie Cats at The Bitter End Yacht Club.

Maybe one day we'll get back for some lessons.

Mugging for the camera.

From the top of Scrub Island, where we stayed, looking out toward Tortola.

A decidedly British feel.

Suddenly shy Boy Wonder.

The motley crew.

A fun time.

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