Thursday, August 8, 2013

End of Summer

The cool, wet summer of 2013 sped by, and most of it now seems like a distant memory. Many good things happened: Boy Wonder discovered he loved sail camp; Miss M traveled to a national basketball tournament for a week; we spent a blissful week doing absolutely nothing on Dewees Island in South Carolina; and we once again enjoyed the camaraderie and chaos that is the KRC summer swim team.  I spent a weekend with girlfriends at Sewanee for an adult tennis camp, where we played tennis eight hours a day, ate nonstop, drank blackberry moonshine cocktails, and still lost weight.  Miss M and I also road-tripped to Murfreesboro, Tennessee with a friend and her daughter for a statewide tennis tournament, where in addition to playing a whole bunch of tennis,  we visited a single Starbucks seven times in one weekend (a record, even for me).  We watched two seasons of Game of Thrones and enjoyed a new paddle board.  We had an amazingly calm, resourceful, and upbeat summertime sitter, Lauren, whom I cannot praise enough and will no doubt go on to do great things for all her future employers.

A sad thing, too: we said goodbye to our Tucker dog, who at almost fifteen, was ready for the Great Dock Beyond, where I hope she is splashing in the water after a yellow tennis ball.  She was a good girl and part of my adult life in Knoxville.  I miss her daily.

I have very few pictures to post, because most were taken with my iPhone, and the quality is really poor.   A resolution for fall: use your camera!  Also, get used to sleeping less!

The countdown to school begins, and I for one, am just a little bit panicked about how it is all going to work.

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