Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Doesn't Help That I Always Laugh

As we drove away from Dunkin' Donuts:

500Jerk: I think my favorite donut flavor is jelly. Jelly donut.
Miss M: I pretty much like any filling in a donut.
Boy Wonder (perking up): Anything? Anything in a donut?
Miss M: Pretty much. Pudding. Jelly. Whipped cream. I like all of it.
Boy Wonder (mischievously): How about poo-poo? Do you like poo-poo in a donut?
500Jerk: Poo-poo donut! [Shouts with laughter.]
Boy Wonder: Yeah, poo-poo donut! [More laughter.]
500Jerk and Boy Wonder (in chorus): Poo-poo donut!
Miss M: [Stony silence.]

Oh, those first-grader jokes. Unfortunately for the rest of the family, both Boy Wonder and my inner six year-old always appreciate a good poo-poo joke.

And at 40, I don't think I'm about to grow out of it anytime soon, either.

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