Thursday, July 23, 2009


So my nineteen year-old nephew, Cuzzin' Dan, is staying with us some this summer. He's excellent company, and the 500Jerk kids adore him. I like having him because he has a lot of stuff to say. Funny stuff.

I like people like that.

But the usually energetic Cuzzin' Dan and I have both been dragging a bit this week. We're tired, achy, a bit grey about the gills. I chalked it up to an ill-advised switch from Starbucks to ineffectively caffeinated shade-grown organic beans from our new organic grocery. In fact, last night I was throwing out so many wild accusations about health-obsessed grocers conspiring to wean customers from caffeine by secretly including decaf beans in the regular coffee bins, that some friends took pity on me and sent me home with La Forza espresso beans.

LA FORZA! THE FORCE!! The very name strikes a caffeinated chord! Uttered loudly in a rich Italian accent, it promises a sensational caffeine high. LA FORZA! Much to the 500Jerk Spouse's annoyance, I've taken to erupting with a loud LA FORZA! during any conversational pause. LA FORZA! Try it. It's very gratifying. LA FORZA!

For all its rich Italian promise, however, LA FORZA! has not brought it to bear. Although I brewed it strong and drank it hot this morning, I'm still tired. Very, very tired. So sleeeeeepy. Sigh. Perhaps what I really need is la calma. La sleepa. La weekenda.

Perhaps then LA FORZA! can work its magic.


Cuzzin' Dan said...

Viva la Weekenda!

500Jerk said...

We now have reliably caffeinated coffee beans at Chez 500Jerk. C'mon back!