Sunday, July 26, 2009

She's An American Girl

My birthday trip to Chicago en famille wouldn't have been complete without a visit to that pre-'tween Mecca, the Michigan Avenue American Girl store.

Miss M and I rose very early Saturday morning so she could attend a doll hair-styling class at the store. Here's the coolest thing about the class: we got into the American Girl store 45 minutes before it opened to the doll-crazed public. Which, if you're eight, is like, REALLY TOTALLY AWESOME. And even if you're forty-one, is like, REALLY TOTALLY AWESOME. Because there's nothing cooler than a toy store all to yourself, right?

All the cute little girls clutched their dolls while patiently waiting in line to check in.

Then they all took positions at doll hair-styling stations. A cheerful woman stood in the center and directed the girls in the art of American Girl hair-styling.

One girl's mother could not stop herself from calling out extra directions to her daughter. Lots of parents took pictures and applauded when each hairstyle was done. Me, I took a few shots, then tried to make myself scarce.

No pressure here, people, it's just doll hair.

Look at that serious girl. American Girl doll hair is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Miss M worked hard. My, look at the concentration on that girl's face. (Sidenote: That is not a mannequin behind her.)

After class, we proceeded to breakfast in the cafe. It is FANCY. See?

Speaking of FANCY, let's flash over to the loo.

FANCY, mais non? There are hooks for the dolls in all the stalls. Someone has really thought this thing through.

Back to the cafe, and speaking of thinking things through, there are doll chairs for the dolls. Miss M was inordinately pleased about Felicity having her own seat and teacup.

There is cute food.

It is barely edible, but that's beside the point.

The waitstaff are helpful, taking pictures and asking girls about their dolls. They're sweet--not icky sweet--just nice. It makes the time there really special.

We spent another hour or so looking around the store and picking out a few mementos. I'm not sure we'll get back before Miss M has outgrown the place, so I'm glad she got to go.

She's one sweet girl.

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Katie said...

So wonderful! I have loved my Miss J at every age, but that 8-11 stage was just so much fun. It's amazing how rapidly she changed starting at about 11.5 years. One day her American Girl dolls and doll stroller were put aside, her Polly Pockets shoved under the bed, and that was that. She was pretty much done with toys. She's a terrific teenage girl as well, but I get a little pang of sadness when I see her little dollbed, thinking about how fast my little girl is growing up. Of course, now Miss C is starting to pull J's toys back out, and I think there might be an American Girl Bitty Baby in her future ;-)